About me

Education (Degree)

BA in Political Science with Distinction (Japan)

MA in Corruption and Governance with Distinction (UK)

MA in Political Science (Hungary and Austria)

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Selected Working Experience

International NGO (UK and Hungary)

Non-Profit Think Tank (Japan)


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Piano [See more]

*The details of my educational background are available below and the list of my working and volunteer experience is available on my LinkedIn page test

Sciences Po Lyon (France)

Certificate in European and French Studies (30ECTS)

University of California, Berkeley (US)

Summer Sessions (15 Credits)

(IR, Comparative Politics, and Conflict Resolution)

Meiji University (Japan)

BA in Political Science (with Distinction (学科首席、副総代))

  Teacher Licences (Social Studies in Junior High and High School)

Nagoya University (Japan)

Credited Auditor (6ECTS)

(International Development and Comparative Methods)

University of Sussex (UK)

MA in Corruption and Governance (with Distinction)

Central European University (Hungary and Austria)

MA in Political Science

Certificate in Political Research Methodology and Social Analysis